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dionne SAmuels - The bird of paradise


ARTIST NAME -  Dionne Samuels
SPECIALTIES - Poet, Spoken Word, Author
LOCATION - Toronto, ON

With EvMC since 2017

Jamaican-born Dionne Samuels (a.k.a. “The Bird of Paradise”) is a Spoken Word Artist & Poet blessed with the true gift of spirituality through words. Her soul and tenacity as a powerful woman mesmerizes her audience. As a young girl Dionne turned away from her passion to attend the Performing School of Arts in New York for a life & path unknown. Through her words, she turned to God, seeking understanding, reflection but most of all his guidance.

As a woman in touch with God and in sync with her thoughts, colorfull and passionate Dionne has maintained a strong following in Toronto as a successful hairstylist, entrepreneur, spoken word artist, entertainer, loving mother and trusted friend.



on display
Dionne the Bird of Paradise - 2020


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