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The Musicians'
Legacy Project 

The Musicians' Legacy Project (MLP) is a Pilot Project dedicated to preserving the works and legacies of some of our elder and fallen musical legends. This iteration will feature 2 living and 2 deceased artists.


Our featured artists are all local legends and we will be honouring them by creating short documentaries and new Web Pages that EvMC will host on our website and share with the artists. 


Our long term objective is to collaborate with the various levels of government to create a Cultural Archive and a system to collect, digitize and make accessible; information, creations and knowledge about the artists that have contributed to our communities and cultural experiences. 


Our short term objective is to create awareness and start a conversation about how we can and should remember those whose shoulders we stand upon.


Our Premier mini-docs / features will feature; Liberty Silver, Jim Heineman and the late, greats; John T Davis and Washington Savage.


They will be hosted and presented by Bryant Didier of B. Musique Productions/Studio and EvMC (Evolutionary Music Cooperative). And they will include current and historical footage and music.


Coming to you: March, 2023.

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