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Nadia High

Armchair Revolution

A New Co-operative Paradigm for Conscious Music

“Our ongoing mission is to gather, create, develop, produce, publish and promote innovative and mindful music. All for the mutual benefit of artists, the co-operative and society.”

abouT us

We are creating a new paradigm for musicians, media and culture creators. We work together and combine our resources and networks, in order to help musicians to continue creating, to be their best and make a good living from their artistic work.

At EvMC, we collaborate and cooperate. We don't compete. And as we to create and perform our best works, each success will benefit the whole. Our co-op, our communities, related business, organizations, venues, and our family and friends.



We empower artists to build their careers in a inclusive and supportive community. We focus on bringing artists together in supporting one another through our co-operative membership model. We build artists up to sustain themselves, not sustain a suits wallet like your traditional record label. 


Across the world, all co-operatives are guided by voluntary, universal

co-operative principles.


These are central to a co-operatives’ DNA and help decision makers in a co-op accomplish dual, financial and social goals