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ARTIST NAME -  Kobèna Aquaa-Harrison
A.K.A. Paapa Kobè
SPECIALTIES - Performer, Producer, Composer, Storyteller
LOCATION - Toronto, ON


Kobè is an accomplished Ghanaian-Bermudian performer, producer, composer  and storyteller. His prolific artistry has garnered several Dora, Juno, Chalmers  Foundation and other awards for his work in music, media, film, television, dance  and theatre. Clients include FIFA, CBC, Nissan, Soulpepper, Shaw, Stratford  Festival, Montana Steele, arts councils and many institutions.


Kobè performs internationally for presidents to pre-schoolers, on electric and acoustic  instruments designed and built by himself. The eclectic rhythms of his trademark,  "afrosonic jollof” is, “The sound when jazz, rock, reggae, hip hop come face to  face with their ancestors.” Kobè leads the all-star, Djungle Bouti Orchestra, with  members hailing from Trinidad to Tanzania, Algeria to S. Africa. Their “Djazz  2.1.4” album was acclaimed “an audio decoding of African DNA” and nominated  for a Toronto Independent Music Award. The former AfroFest President/ Artistic  Director, Michèzo! festival founder and #1 prime-time radio host, is Cultural  Development Director at Abandze Embassy in Toronto’s W. Queen W, arts &  entertainment triangle.


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